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Why is it important to recycle e-waste?
Electronic equipment is made with a variety of elements, like plastics, glass, steel, gold, lead, mercury, cadmium and fire retardants that can be recaptured through recycling and used again. If thrown away, electronic equipment can release toxins to the environment, potentially polluting the groundwater we drink and the air that we breathe. Recycling the resources in electronic equipment and also eliminates the need to obtain these elements from nature, decreasing production impact on the environment.

Retronics recycles electronic product components according to EPA standards. All of our recycling is certified via certificates of recycling or destruction.

CRT Monitors
$15 each

$.40 per pound ($5.00 minimum)


Projection Televisions

All other office equipment
$.40 per pound

Pick-up fees - Portland/Vancouver Metro Area
(up to 20 miles) - $40.00
(up to 21 - 60 miles) - $75.00
(up to 61 - 100 miles) - $125.00

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